Awaken Justice International Ministries started as Teens Against Sex Trafficking in 2016, when our founder, Kaylena Riendeau began educating her high school students on the realities of human trafficking, after a close encounter she almost experienced with trafficking. They were so shocked by the information, they decided to start an advocate group to raise awareness at their high school. The groups began to spread and then Teens Against Sex Trafficking was born. 

In 2018, we identified the intimate connection between trafficking and domestic violence, which started our expansion into educating on identity, domestic violence and trafficking. Once our mission expanded we knew that the name, Teens Against Sex Trafficking did not fully encompass all that we did and want to do. 

The name, Awaken Justice International Ministries, represents all that we have and hope to accomplish in the lifetime of our organization.


We hold a heavy heart towards:

  • Awakening Students to their vulnerabilities in order to protect and prevent them from becoming victims. 

  • Awakening Communities on the abuses and exploitations happening in and around their towns.

  • Awakening Justice as more than an earthly means of punishment but a biblical justice, an eternal desire to see other humans reconciled to and transformed by God. 

  • Awakening Hearts to the transformative power of the gospel, so that we may have compassion on others as Christ had on us, and prevent oppression from ever happening in the first place. 


Awaken Justice is a movement that awakens hearts to the hope of Jesus Christ so that we may forever end the social injustices of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation. 



We are starting a national movement that empowers teens to change the social justice narrative and save lives in their communities . 

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