• Tara Joy Larrick

Global and Spiritual Reality of Human Trafficking

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Modern day slavery, or human trafficking, is the second largest criminal industry and fastest growing in the world.

It is present in every region in the world. The Global Report on Trafficking in Persons by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the annual Trafficking in Persons Report published by the United States State Department both give in depth descriptions of what trafficking looks like in each region.

Within the report released by the US State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking are:

  • United States

  • Mexico

  • Philippines

You would think that living in an advanced society such as the United States today would mean that slavery ended along with the emancipation proclamation in 1863. We live such blessed lives in the here and now, with the amount of freedoms we have received just the thought of a human selling another human seems impossible. And yet it still happens and not just occasionally. People are sold everyday for the "owners" profit and the "purchasers" pleasure.

As Christians believing that every human is made in the image of God, its even harder to understand how people could degrade others in such a way.

And yet, Christians of ALL people should be the least surprised.

We live in a fallen world separated from God, and without him the nature of man is to choose what is against Gods laws. Slavery has existed since the beginning, and the first record of this in the Bible is Josephs brothers selling Joseph to Ishmaelites for the profit of 20 shekels of silver. (Genesis 37)

The Bible and our own history books are riddled with accounts of various forms of slavery that have happened in human history, so why are we so taken aback by the deep and dark reality of modern day trafficking?

Have we forgotten so quickly that our world has fallen and the devil is prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour? (1 Peter 5:8)

Do not be deceived. This is a spiritual and global war for individuals souls. Each victim of trafficking's identity and self worth is torn to the ground, leaving nothing but a shell coerced into doing things no one should endure. God says they are made in his image, and the devil wants them to never know that truth.

So what should we do? Should we stand back and watch as our children, those in our community and world are taken advantage of and sold like cattle?

Absolutely not! God sent his son Jesus, to live a righteous life and die a gruesome unjust death in order to redeem us and each one of those trafficking victims. Jesus came to give life and to give it abundantly, and to all who accept him he does just that. He redeems and heals us. He also calls each of US to spread his good news to the ends of the Earth, and that includes those most vulnerable for trafficking or those who have already experienced it.

Our prayer at Awaken Justice is that every student we talk to may learn and be confident of who they are in Christ so they won't believe the lies of the traffickers or abusers who may be attempting to groom or coerce them.

Gods given us the work of upholding human dignity and ending trafficking, abuse and sexual exploitation. Will you join us?

If you would like to join this fight as a:

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Email: director@awakenjustice.org

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