Class Presentations

Class presentations allow us to go deeper educating and transforming students by helping them discover their vulnerabilities in order to best protect each individual student. We teach them red flags of trafficking, and abuse, statistics, hallmarks of healthy relationships, and start the conversation about real issues. 

Educator Presentations

Educator presentations equip educators on human trafficking, domestic violence and how their role is one of the most important in identifying students who are at risk or are involved in trafficking or abusive relationships. Educators are at the forefront of protecting these students, so it is our goal to help them know how they can help. 

Awaken justice

Movement Groups

The Awaken Justice Movement is a group students who want to take a stand against the oppression of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation within their own communities. They come together weekly to learn in depth about these issues and who they are in Christ. Then they are sent out into their communities to create awareness and develop relationships with the goal of transforming lives through the gospel. 

School Assemblies

School assemblies at middle and high schools are the best start to educating your students on the realities of human trafficking and domestic violence. We provide motivation for students to stand up and be the change in their world, by addressing their value as human beings. We recommend educator presentations prior to school assemblies, and then class presentations to reinforce the message received in the weeks following the assembly. 


Speaking Events 

Speaking Events at schools, youth groups, churches, and businesses provide a perfect opportunity to impact a mass amount of people all at once. We speak on human value, identity, self worth, human trafficking, domestic violence and empower audiences to become advocates themselves. 
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Parent Workshops

Parents are crucial in preventing students from experiencing trafficking, abuse and exploitation. Our parent workshops equip parents with the information and tools needed to help guide their student in the modern day world. 



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